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  • How do I book a session?
    1. Call or text 901-315-3033 with the desired time slot that you would like to book, and verify availability. 2. Send $25 deposit to cash app or PayPal to secure your time slot. That's it!
  • Why do have to pay a deposit?
    The deposit is to make sure that clients booking are serious about showing up. If a client books and doesn't show up, not only does the business lose money and time, the engineer also wasted his time and gas to be at the studio at that specific time. You lose the deposit if you cancel your session within 24 hours of booked time.
  • When does my session start and end? What happens if I'm late?
    We book by the hour $60/hr, your time slot is exactly as we book it. For example, if you book 7-9pm. That's a 2 hour session $120 total. You would pay a $25 deposit, and pay the remaining $95 balance at your session. Your session would start at 7pm, if you are late, that is at your expense. The session starts at the time booked, not the time you show up. If your session is delayed due to the engineer, your session starts upon the engineer arriving, at no additional cost. If you don't have your tracks together, emailed in advance, and that takes up time in the studio, YES that is still part of your booked time. PREMIX is done during your booked session, if you choose to spend all your time recording multiple songs, understand that is going to take away from mixing time in your session. We do offer and recommend getting your songs FULLY mixed and mastered. This is not done during your booked sessions.
  • How many people can I bring in my studio session?
    We recommend only bring the people who are actually recording or involved, such as managers or producers. 3-4 people are ok.
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